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Dining Room Makeover Reveal + Giveaway

Dining Room Makeover

Guys! The dining room is done! The hubs and I worked our tails off, but we did it! When we last left off, I had shown you the awesome Color Visualizer tool from Sherwin-Williams that helped me pick out my paint colors. And I had also shared before shots of my not-so-awesome blue dining room. Let’s just say thank God it doesn’t look so crazy blue anymore. Just check out our new dining room makeover! Shebam! Kapow! Bezam! Some other cartoon sound word here! Yeah… the after is cartoon-sound-effect-good. Now let’s move on to some of the details…

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Curb Appeal Tips (Part 2) – Landscaping

Curb Appeal Tips (Part 2) - Landscaping

Today I’m continuing with my curb appeal series. Woo! When talking about curb appeal, one of the biggest things you can do to increase curb appeal is landscaping. I know. That word can totally be intimidating. But landscaping doesn’t just mean hiring a professional to revamp your yard. Landscaping can be a DIY too! Just ask our house when we first bought it. To say that our home lacked appeal when we first saw it, is an understatement. Yikes.

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Curb Appeal Tips (Part 1) – A New Roof, Fence & Siding

We're Moving!!

I’m on a curb appeal kick. And it is totally unintentional. I mean, yes. Our house is in some desperate need of curb appeal. The above is how it looked when we first bought it. Imagine years of ignoring the state of your yard. That is what our yard looked like. It was bad.

Curb Appeal Tips (Part 1) - A New Roof, Fence, & Siding

Then, after discovering some serious issues with the trees, we had 17 removed. And 7 overgrown bushes. Yeah. Seventeen trees in that tiny front yard. Crazy town. We left 3 of the healthy trees and they are flourishing with all their newfound sunlight. And this is how you all last saw the front of our house. Trees removed, gutters full of leaves, and random black spot on the driveway. (What the heck is that!? I didn’t even notice it until I looked at this picture!) I didn’t even give curb appeal another thought. I was all caught up working on the inside of the house.

And then, on Valentine’s Day evening, the wind came. About 10pm that night the winds started to pick up. And they didn’t stop until the next morning. Gusts reached 110 mph. Tornado force winds. For about 9 hours straight.

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How-To: Install Cabinet Drawer Pulls

Hi guys!! Hi! How was your weekend? Our was very busy and also low key. The pup got spayed on Friday so we tried to keep thing calm to allow her time to heal. But you know me, I had to sneak a DIY or 3 in when I could! ๐Ÿ˜‰

How-to: Install Cabinet Drawer Pulls

Anywho, last week you saw our gorgeous new cabinet door knobs. Now I’m finally getting around to sharing how to install cabinet drawer pulls. Let me start by saying that I expected installing drawer pulls on to be just as easy as door knobs. Sure, there is an extra hole needed and make sure it is level, but come on… how hard can it be? That phrase is the kiss of death for DIYs, isn’t it? Installing cabinet drawer pulls isn’t hard… it can ย just go wrong if you don’t do it correctly. Don’t ask me how I know. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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How-To: Install Cabinet Door Knobs

How-To: Install Cabinet Door Knobs

What WHAAT!? The cabinets are getting all prettified! That is Talitha-speak for we installed the hardware on the kitchen cabinets! Woo! Wait… is it weird that I’m so excited for this? I liken cabinet hardware to wearing earrings. It takes me forever to pick them out, but once I do, wow! What a difference! Today we are just going to take on hardware part 1: how-to install cabinet door knobs.

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