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How-To Clean Your Washing Machine

Did you know that you are supposed to clean your washing machine? I know, it sounds kind of counter-intuitive. When I first heard “washing” my washing machine I thought it was a little silly. Afterall, I put soap in it to clean my laundry! Then I went to take a look at my washing machine to see if it really needed to be clean…

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Homemade Laundry Soap

When I started this blog, a little over a month ago, I had been creating tons of stuff to keep myself occupied. And since I had not been able find a job I decided to try to save money in any way I could.

Then I happened upon this tutorial and I thought, “We all need laundry soap!” Well, those of us who don’t like to be the “smelly kid”. {Admit it, we can all remember that one kid from our past who always smelled a little funny!} So I decided to give it a try… with my own twist of course.

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