Love, Pomegranate House


{Printable} Packing List

It has been a crazy few weeks around here! I have been working my tail off! I’ve been trying to get ahead on projects for the blog because, for the next week, the hubby and I will be heading back to our stomping grounds! Look out Chicago!! Here we come!

I can’t wait to go back to good ole’ Chi-town. We haven’t been back since Christmas, which was only 1 month after we moved to Colorado. It’s strange how I expect everything to be both the same and completely different.

It will be a wonderful time of visiting friends and family and getting to love on my nieces and nephews. AND, if I’m lucky, meet my newest niece {who better be obedient and be born while I’m there!}. We will be also making a quick trip down to Kentucky for the wedding of a dear friend. It should be great!

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This Is a Story All About How…

My life is about to be flipped turned upside down. I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there, and tell you all about why I decided to start this blog.

Cheesy? Yes. Totally me? Definitely.

Welcome! This is me!

I’m Talitha. {It’s pronounced Tuh-lee-thuh. Can you tell I’m used to mispronunciations!?} It’s nice to meet you. [Curtsies]

I began this venture into the blogosphere not so long ago. I have been crafting and DIY-ing for as long as I can remember. I was that kid who made silver leaf book covers out of the foil on my gum wrappers. And then I would proceeded to fold tiny cootie catchers out of the remaining paper part. I am that girl who DIY’ed almost everything in my wedding. And I’m the girl who would much rather spend $20 and many hours of hard work to create a look that most would buy for $200. I’m a DIY’er at heart and I love it.

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