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Bookpage Valentine’s Bunting

Now that Christmas and New Year’s have come and gone I’m completely over winter. I’m ready for spring. I’m ready for warm days and for days that I can wear my flip flops again without fear of getting frostbite! So in my effort to move forward and welcome the warm weather, I’m decorating for Valentine’s Day! I don’t really have any Valentine’s decorations so I’m making them all from scratch! I already made my Sparkling Valentine’s Wreathย and now I’m starting to work on my love inspired mantel so I decided to make a Bookpage Valentine’s Bunting!

This seriously only took me about 15 minutes. And that was only because I was being OCD about my heart shapes. Here’s all you need:

  • Bookpages or scrapbook pages with words on them
  • Paper for your hearts… whatever color your little heart desires {HA! Get it!? I didn’t even do that one on purpose!}
  • Glue
  • Twine/Ribbon/Jute/Yarn
  • Scissors

Begin by cutting all of your bookpages into bunting. Whatever size you want. I did some larger 6″x6″ and some smaller 4″x4″ ones.

Then cut out a bunch of hearts. The ones that have creases down the center of them are the first ones I created and folded in half so I could have a perfectly symmetrical heart. Like I said… me=OCD.

Glue all your hearts to your bookpage squares.

Finally, glue your squares to the twine and hang your bunting! So easy, right!? But I love it. It is at least a start to my mantel! I’ve got a lot more projects planned for you guys that will end up on the mantel! So excited!

Are you decorating for Valentine’s Day yet?