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Bentwood Rocking Chair Makeover

Bentwood Rocking Chair Makeover

I’ve done it! I’ve finally done it! It has been 2.5 months in the making but I finally did it! My vintage bentwood rocking chair has gotten a makeover. It took me forever but I finally got around to it. Is it just me or is your to-do list getting longer by the minute!? Make it stop! Let me do a little catch up!

Bentwood Rocking Chair Makeover

If you recall, I first showed all of you my thrifty find back at the end of October. This vintage rocker was in great condition but it definitely wasn’t my taste. I hate to say it because I do have a love for vintage fabric, but this fabric just wasn’t doing it for me.

Bentwood Rocking Chair Makeover

BUT, I had no clue which way to go. I showed you my modge podged-photoshop’ed ideas and had you all vote on your favorite. And there was one clear winner.

Bentwood Rocking Chair Makeover

You all loved the rich navy. Woo! And since it was already one of my favorites, I trusted all of you wonderful people and dove in. Here’s a quick recap of how I did it.

Bentwood Rocking Chair Makeover

First, I removed the back and seat of the chair from the frame. Then I removed the old fabric, foam, and staples. Then, bad blogger that I am, I finally remembered to pick up my camera and snapped these pictures for the re-upholstery part of the project. So once you have removed the old stuff and have just the wood backing, you place the backing onto your foam and trace it. Cut along your traced lines and use spray adhesive to adhere it to the wood. Flip your now foamed wood over and onto your chosen fabric, cut just a smidge larger than your backing.

Bentwood Rocking Chair Makeover

Then it is all fold, tug, and staple. The whole way around… making sure the fabric is nice and secure.

Bentwood Rocking Chair Makeover

Then reattach the back and seat to the frame. I used E6000 to make sure it was super secure. While a little time consuming and daunting, it really isn’t very difficult to re-upholster a piece of furniture. Give it a try! You can do it!

Bentwood Rocking Chair Makeover

Check out that gorgeous fabric! I love the semi-organic navy pattern. It goes so amazingly well with our living room without screaming “LOOK AT ME!”

Bentwood Rocking Chair Makeover

After re-upholstering, I also touched up the scuffs and scratches on the wood frame with my furniture touch-up pens. Zip, zap, zing! It looked brand new!

All I can say is that you guys rock. You were absolutely right. Rich navy was definitely the way to go. I love the original wood and just a pop of the new fabric. Thank you all so much! You guys are awesome.


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17 thoughts on “Bentwood Rocking Chair Makeover

  1. I love the finished chair Talitha! You did a great job. I know you are constantly working on other home improvements. Please try to post pictures for me. I like to see the progress and not have to imagine the look. I bet others like to sneek a peek also. – Mom

  2. I didn’t vote for this fabric originally, but it’s my favorite fabric of the choices. It looks so beautiful with the wood frame. The yellow pillow adds that perfect contrast!! Love it!!

  3. I have the same chair that was my parents and I’ve been wanting to reupholster it for the longest time. How do you get the back off?

    • The back was actually harder to take off than any other project I have reupholstered! It had a super strong glue on it so I basically had to wiggle a flat tip screwdriver between the back and the frame all the way around until it popped off! I was concerned about scratches, but it didn’t do any damage. Good luck on your own rocking chair!

      • So did you glue it back to the frame after you reupholstered it? How did you get it to stay in? I have the same rocker that needs re-done but i’m nervous about how to get it back together without it falling apart the first time some one sits in it afterward.

  4. This rocking chair turned out beautifully, Talitha!! Love the chair style and the fabric chosen! It looks fantastic!

    Pat F.
    Las Vegas

  5. Love that you did not paint the wood. The fabric is also our favorite of the choices you offered. My Husband and I had both been wondering what you had chosen to do to it. Looks awesome!

  6. This is looks amazing sis! And I find it hilarious that the next day on Pinterest I see one of my friends from college, that you have no way of knowing, had pinned it. Small world… or just super famous sister! Don’t forget your promise! I’m coming with you to NY for the interview, not that silly brother-in-law of mine! Love you!

  7. Hi Talitha!

    I just bought the same chair (so beautiful!) with intentions of re-upholstering it! How many yards of fabric did you purchase/use? Thanks!

    ps. you chair looks gorgeous!

  8. HI. I just bought one of these thinking I would recover it, but I can’t figure out how to remove the seat and back. Tips? Thanks!

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