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Beautiful & Simple Gift Wrap Ideas

This weekend has been a great time of reflection. The tragedy in Connecticut has reminded me once again just how fragile and valuable life is. I pray for all of those affected by this tremendous loss… for the first responders who risked their lives to try to save lives, for the families of the victims who are dealing with unspeakable loss, for the survivors and their families dealing with what they have lived through, and for the community that is dealing with the tragic violence that occurred. I will keep praying for them and for their healing and that God will show His hand in this awful situation.

This tragedy reminds me to hold those I love a little closer for a little longer. The hubby and I are¬†leaving on Wednesday to spend some time with family in Chicago for the holidays. It’s at times like these that make me long even more to be with my loved ones. {Don’t worry! I have some awesome bloggy friends who will be guest posting on LPH while I’m gone!}

I’m busy packing today but I wanted to share with all of you a few beautiful and simple gift wrap ideas this holiday season. I was going for simplicity this year so I was focusing on added embellishments I had around the house!

For wrapping paper, I decided to stick with brown craft paper. Instead of making the wrapping paper be the star of the show, I wanted the embellishments to be the star performer! ūüėČ But you could also use white paper or even solid colors! And of course, patterns can be fun too!

Here are a few pretty embellishment ideas that take almost no time at all but seem to go that extra mile:

  • Ribbon: A staple for gift wrapping but it can really jazz up a gift! Mix and match ribbons! Try putting 2 different types on a gift! Think of how you can add that little extra pizzazz! Example: I paired a sparkly sequined ribbon with a classic white ribbon.

  • Twine:¬†There is a reason why “brown paper packages tied up with string” ¬†are some of our favorite things! Use a little jute, sisal, bakers’ twine, or even yarn! This classic can NEVER go wrong!
  • Cinnamon Tags: Not so big on the¬†homemade cinnamon tags? You could also do salt dough¬†tags! They just give that extra special pop… plus they smell great! Just make sure to remind the gift recipient that they are¬†not¬†edible.
  • Cinnamon Sticks:¬†Any little winter items can really make gift wrapping. Plus the cinnamon sticks are like an added gift!
  • Gift Tags:¬†Make your own, buy some, or print off the ones I made for all¬†of you {see below}¬†to add a little special touch.

  • Doilies:¬†Fabric or paper, you can’t go wrong with a doily. The little touch of elegance is unexpected but works great on any gift.
  • Lace:¬†Use it like ribbon and it adds an extra touch of class to any gift. It’s even better when it’s paired with another embellishment!

  • Feathers: Just about any craft item can be turned into a gift embellishment.
  • Glitter Paper:¬†Who doesn’t love a little bit of sparkle!? Just cut off a strip of glitter scrapbook paper or use glitter ribbon to add a little twinkle to your gift!
  • Jingle Bells:¬†Tie them on with some twine and slap them on any gift! Don’t you know that every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings? {10 points to the first person to name that movie!}

And here are those gift tags I promised you! Just download and print them off!

What unexpected item will you use while wrapping presents this year?