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Backyard Progress & Design

You may or may not have noticed that I didn’t post on Monday like I usually do. I wanted to. But didn’t. Why? First, I have about 7 projects halfway done that aren’t quite ready for that final picture. I’m not procrastinating, they all just take quite some time to finish. Second, I’ve been spending tons of time in our yard, working on cleaning it up and livable. Which of you wants to see a picture of the yard after 6 hours of weeding? Not I, said the fly. That kind of work doesn’t make for a good blog post. So I didn’t want to post about it.

Backyard Progress & Design

But now enough progress has been made that even you can see a difference. Plus, now I’m a little less mortified at the state of my backyard {the front yard is a whole different story}. So today I’m going to give you a glimpse at our backyard and share a work of art {HA!} detailing the design plans we have for the backyard in the long run.

Backyard Progress & Design

Please ignore the quality of most of the before pics. I took them with my phone before we owned the house. Also ignore that obviously the yard looks better in the “in progress” pictures because things are actually blooming and green.

So this is the view off the front left corner of the patio. You can see that we spaced out the stepping stones and removed all of the bird feeders. While the bird feeders fed the birds nicely, it also attracted squirrels and mice, which in turn, attracted the snakes. No thanks. Not much change here except for tons of weeding and removing of a lot of dead plants. It’s the other side of the yard that has seen the greatest change.

Backyard Progress & Design

Have you noticed the number of trees? On our 0.14 acres of land we have 23 trees. Yes… 23. And not just small little baby trees. At least half of those trees are full grown and stand at about 3-stories high. Its like we have our own forest. I live in Narnia!! We had an arborist out and he said we should remove 11 of them, 8 from the backyard due to either crowding or because the tree was unhealthy. Three are even because they are illegal to plant anymore. Awesome.

Backyard Progress & Design

So this is the before of the back right corner of our yard. Eep. While the previous owners had loved to garden, they had left it to it’s own devices for the past 2 or 3 years. Hence the 6-inch deep dead leaves everywhere. When we moved in there were these vinyl fences propped up everywhere. They were held together by zip-ties. Yes… zip-ties. I don’t know what they were partitioning off. There was nothing behind that fence except more weeds and plants.

OH! And see that little bit of grass coming up in the right picture near the base of that circle planter thingy? Yup. That is the only grass in our entire yard. Not just backyard… entire yard.

Backyard Progress & Design

And here are some afters of the back right corner. All the fencing was removed and so was that big bush in the circle planter thing. Pots have been moved and dead plants have been excavated. But seriously about the dead leaves and plants… I think we went through about 30 yard waste bags and 4 weekends to get it looking as clean as it is now.

We would like to tear up that brick area and replace it with grass. Also in this corner we are going to put some raised veggie beds so I can be a farmer! We hope to be able to do that next spring. So this year we need to prep for it! 😉

Backyard Progress & Design

Ok. Now this area also has a huge difference. This is just to the right, off the patio. The previous owners had this adorable potting shed that they surrounded with lattice and vinyl fencing. And growing on it was big, giant, humongous vines… most of which were dead. It was pretty enough. Except it is where most of the snakes lived.

I’m sorry. If you love snakes, great for you! But I hate them. Ew. No. That slithery sound they make when they move gives me the heebie geebies. And I hated that I would walk through my yard and jump at every sound because I was terrified it was a snake. So within the first month of us living here, we tore that snake haven apart………. with out bare hands. RAWR!! I am woman! I so strong!! {It also goes to show you how it was falling apart without us touching it. But mostly, I think we are just super strong.}

Backyard Progress & Design

And voila! We tore that sucker down! It made such a huge difference. Just exposing that side of the yard by tearing up the lattice and removing the fencing has made it feel soooo much bigger.

I also want to tear up that wood since it is rotting. {Tip: don’t put wood on the dirt without treating it first. It will rot… fast} But since I didn’t want a giant mud pit for me to slip and fall in, we are leaving it until all that stone is moved and we can plant some grass.

Backyard Progress & Design

Me and my bestie, Photoshop, whipped this up for you. Idealy, this is what we would like to do to our yard. One word: GRASS! Growing up in the midwest makes me miss the feeling of grass under my toes. Plus, one day when we have chillens, I would much prefer them playing on grass rather than sharp, pointy rocks. I know, I know, Denver gets so little water so the rocks make sense. I still prefer grass. Call me Miss Sassypants. I don’t care. In order to achieve this grass we need to move that insane amount of rock. Eww. I’ll do it but I don’t look forward to it. We may even contract that work out.

The trees are the ones that the arborist recommends we keep. I also want to turn our square flower beds into a more natural and curvy shape. Right now, they are a little too wide and need help. Paver stones are also in the works. When we have kids, I may want to change the potting shed into an adorable little playhouse. And, as I mentioned before… veggie beds. So excited! And I want a rain barrel and a compost barrel and a pony and a goose that lays golden eggs!

Also, a little FYI, summer is really busy around here as I’m sure it is for you guys too. So some weeks I’ll be posting a little less so I can spend time with family and/or not kill myself working on tons of projects. Don’t worry. I’ll still be here, just occasionally only twice a week.

Have you been working in your yard recently? Do you have scary snakes?


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12 thoughts on “Backyard Progress & Design

  1. Your yard looks amazing! I love it. And I love your vision for it even more. We have the opposite yard from you. The back half of our yard is covered in blackberry bushes and 6ft tall grass and a 4 story tall tree with long pointy thorns. Yes. Thorns. I also wish for green lushious grass under my feet and a safe place for little chillens to play one day. We’re quickly learning how LONG it takes to accomplish some of these giant yard tasks. But one weekend at a time! Hopefully I can come visit you some day soon and see it in person!

  2. I would trade out snakes for a little playhouse or studio room, a rain barrel as well as veggie beds but as for a goose they like to make loud noises and leaves nasty things that are not good to step in. I do like the golden egg thing maybe a tree with golden apples. Your yard looks amazingly better then when I was there. Good job for all the hard work.

  3. Hey Talitha, I have a very cool idea if you want to replace the white arbor with a much more fun and DIY effect. Make a new arbor with old doors. I found it on Pinterest and Loved it so much, I aquired the doors already from craigslist. However, I jumped the gun on this project and after much thought realized there is no good spot for it in my yard at this time. You can have the doors if you want. Give me a call. Or check pinterest under “recycled door arbor”?

  4. We are in the process of landscaping our backyard too so I can appreciate all the work that is going on here! It looks great!


  5. We are in the process of redoing our front yard. I live in Las Vegas and mot people just have rocks for their yards (in fact in homes built after 2006 it is illegal to put grass in your front yard).

    We put grass in our backyard. There was not much there.

    The frond yard had a kidney shaped patch of grass with a tree, a few bushes, and rocks.

    We demolished it.

    Taking out the rock was the EASY part. Seriously, Even my 5-year-old was able to shovel rock (and asked to help, and did so willingly!) If you don’t want rock, take it out! Speaking from experience–yes, children will eat it, and yes, they will throw it, and yes, they will bring those rocks into your house, and they will be everywhere (in the washer, in the bathroom sink, in their dresser drawers, under your feet . . .)

    I was thrilled to get rid of the rocks.

    I just posted today about our progress. We will have a formal, edible landscape in front (we already put one in in back) but out front there is concrete instead of grass (it’s a small area) and I am SO excited about it!

  6. You have tons of trees, we have two. Seriously two trees, one in the front, one in the back. We have been talking about buying a tree for the other side of the driveway, since the grass is scorching in the sun. Nice and crispy, not the kind you want to run your toes through! If you want we can come remove one of your trees for you 🙂

    • Most of the trees we want to remove are 25+ feet tall but a few are smaller and transportable! If you are serious you are more than welcome to a few if you want to remove them!

      • Have you considered the artificial grasses they have mowing..look & feel like real..very soft under the feet. Always lush & green Great for smaller areas

  7. Hi Talitha,

    Wow! LOTS of work, your yard looks amazing! My husband and me in the process of landscaping our backyard too so I can appreciate all the work that is going on here!

    I know you are concerned about the beauty of your backyard and removing vinyl fencing is the part of it but I think it ensures security of your backyard.


  8. We’ve never hosted a party in our backyard or lawn before but it sounds like there is a lot more prep time than you would think. I appreciate your advice.