Love, Pomegranate House


A Story of a Cheese Board Turned DIY Cloche

As you may have noticed, I have a love of all things thrifty. I love starting out with something and turning it into something else unexpected. Because of my love of thrifty things, I tend to frequent thrift stores a lot. Imagine that! Finding thrifty things at a thrift store!? Who’d a thunk!?

Love, Pomegranate House: DIY Cloche from a Cheese Board

As I was walking the aisles at my thrift store I happened upon this adorable little cheese board. And, well, there is no need for a cheese board in this house. Why, you might ask? I love cheese. Sure, you might say you love cheese but I loooove cheese. Give me just about any food with cheese on it and I will eat it {notice I said “just about”. Don’t go sending me pickles covered in cheese.} Therefore, cheese does not last long in this house. So, I thought I could turn my adorable little cheese board into a little cloche!

This is how my little cheese board started out. He wasn’t anything special. Just a little cheese board with no home.

So I took him home and gave him a little bath. I sanded his rough edges…

And gave him some new gray clothes.

Something was still missing. It was like a man in a suit without a pocket square. He needed a little more jazzing up.

A little bit of scrapbook paper and voila! My new little man had a whole new look!

Love, Pomegranate House: DIY Cloche from a Cheese Board

And he looks just great with some cinnamon scented pine cones {or ornaments come the winter!}! He really rounded off my side table wonderfully! I set him right next to my Autumn Printable and he looked right at home!

Have you ever turned something plain into something unexpected? What are some of your favorite thrifty items?