Love, Pomegranate House


20-Minute Hutch Makeover

You know how sometimes you have a piece of furniture you love and it is just lacking something? Just that one little pop? Well, my hutch is kinda like that. I absolutely love my hutch. It was my grandparents’ hutch that was passed down to me. And I believe that it was even passed down to my grandparents when they got married. So this baby is OLD. And I love that about it. 

Love, Pomegranate House: 20-Minute Hutch Makeover

This beautiful corner hutch traveled across the country with the hubby and I to start our new life in Colorado.  It is wonderful and fits perfectly in the corner of my dining room. And in our tiny apartment, we needed all the extra storage we could get. I loved my hutch but it needed a little pop. And with 20 minutes and a tube of wrapping paper, I gave it that much needed pop!

This is how our dining room looked before. It was nice and all, but nothing special. {Secretly, I really want to paint my hutch some amazing color but that is impossible to do in a 3rd floor apartment and I may be afraid of bright colors.}

Then, one day, while browsing the gift wrap section of Walmart I stumbled upon a beautiful blue mum wrapping paper. I brought it home and set to work doing a mini-makeover on my hutch.

I pulled out all my dishes and measured the back 3 sides of my hutch. Measure twice, cut once {just don’t cut your finger. Ouch}! Then I just cut out my strips of wrapping paper and used double sided tape to stick it on {so I could easily switch it out in the future}.

You also may notice in this picture that the door on the right does not have glass in it. Unfortunately, during our move the glass got broken. And finding someone to replace curved glass isn’t easy.

That was it! Just 20 minutes and my hutch looks almost new!

I love the way my dishes pop against that blue background. {And yes, I know I have a lot of dishes. I have a big family and loved having them all over when we lived near them.}

I also added some new knobs to the doors and new pulls to the drawer. 

It’s amazing how little things can make all the difference.

And this is how my dining room looks now. That little pop really makes a big difference! I love my hutch. And its history just makes me love it even more.

Have you ever done a mini-makeover that made a big difference?